In a world of rapid change, speed is crucial to gaining competitive advantage. At BSP, we understand that whether you're a PC manufacturer or dealer who wants to convert stock - or a company IT manager who is upgrading company-wide software, you will want your new sets of keycaps immediately. That's why our facilities are geared to speed. In fact, we're so fast that in most cases we can deliver your new sets of keycaps within 1-3 weeks. All you have to do is tell us what you require.

Even in special cases, when we have to start from scratch and design and mold a completely new set of keycaps for a special solution, we will still be able to deliver new sets of custom keys within 4 weeks.

BSP is well known for its day-to-day services and fast delivery.

And last but not least, the size of your order makes no difference. We can just as easily supply 10,000 sets of keycaps for a fast language conversion as deliver a special solution with custom keys for six keyboards in an air control tower.