All you have to do is tell us how you want your keyboards to look.

  • What is the optimal solution?
  • What should be on the keys?
  • Do you need special symbols?
  • What is the best keyboard layout?
  • Do you need shortcuts?
  • Will colored keycaps help employees work faster?

The film and TV industry rely on special keycap solutions to facilitate video, film and sound editing.

In short: We can design a special keyboard solution for your company and application, which optimizes your software - and improves your bottom line. In fact, it's easy to measure the positive effect custom keys have on your bottom line. Here's an example: If 500 call center agents answer 200 calls daily and save five seconds on every transaction thanks to shortcut keys, the increase in productivity is obvious and easy to calculate.

At BSP, we have created special keyboard solutions for such widely differing companies as a state-of-the-art video editing company in the US, the BBC in England, Denmark and Sweden's national television stations and the European Parliament in Brussels, to name a few.